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Hospital and Clinic Software and Systems Services

Welcome to our health systems website. 
We hope that you will find something of value here to help improve your services to your clients.

Our Mission

To be a respected and preferred supplier of software and systems services to the Public and Private Health sectors based on our products technology and health systems expertise, consultancy, implementation, and support capability in selected markets globally.

Company Profile

Meridian Health Informatics (MHI) is a software services and products company specialising in the Health Industry sector.  Meridian Health Informatics has been in operation as part of Meridian Information Services since 1990. We restructured the company in October 2000 to better focus
on the Health sector. We are recognised as a supplier of quality systems solutions, software products and services for public and private health clients.  

Our depth of industry knowledge and technical expertise means we are highly successful in meeting our clientís needs.

Our products are both hospital and clinic based and cover various aspects of healthcare including clinic management, staff scheduling, risk management, clinical data management, operating room or theatre, obstetrics, bed management, care planning, patient care management, ward management, cancer management and an HL7 message server.

Our products include a ward based system (Ward White Board) to replace the notice board in nurses stations.  This product also is an excellent bed management tool. Another product that is now being used to develop a new obstetrics system for NSW Health is called IDME.  IDME (Intelligent Data Management Engine) offers a new approach to developing clinical, knowledge based or survey based systems.  In short it enables expert users to define their needs so that new systems require virtually no systems specialists to develop.  MHI has spent considerable funds researching and developing IDME and its associated inference analysis capability.

Our services cover requirements analysis and specification, gap analysis, systems design and specification, systems development, systems installation, systems integration, and systems support.  We have experience in mobile computing, web based systems and HL7 messaging and interfacing to core hospital systems. Top